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Promotion at Agricultural Shows

The Blue Grey Cattle Stand

The Blue Grey Cattle Group 18-05-2013 03:49:46

As part of our Leader funded project to promote the Blue Grey, farmer producers have attended a good number of shows this year and last year, from as far north as the Angus Show to as far south as the Great Yorkshire, with many in between. Being on the Blue Grey Cattle stand has been a new and daunting experience for all, but the support has been great and everyone seemed to find it enjoyable. Little mishaps like the marquee nearly being blown away at Dumfries Show, was certainly memorable and will be laughed about for a while to come.

At the various shows we have been promoting the excellence of beef from Blue Greys with information pamphlets including butcher suppliers for interested members of the public. We have also promoted the Blue Grey cow as fertile and profitable breeding animal to savvy hill farmers. Lastly, we have provided a lot of information concerning the parent breeds of the Blue Grey, the Galloway and the Whitebred Shorthorn to farmers and members of the public alike.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped to promote the Blue Greys - it has been a genuine team effort and I really hope that it can have a lasting positive impact upon the Blue Grey and its parent breeds.

Thank you,

Upcoming shows:

Royal Highland Show 20th-23rd June

Great Yorkshire Show 9th – 11th July