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Please visit the butcher shop outlets mentioned here and enjoy superb beef from the Blue Grey. You can find suppliers of Blue Grey Beef on this page Ask your local butcher to supply beef from Blue Greys and they will in turn buy Blue Greys steers – increased demand will lead to increased supply and better ensure the survival of the Whitebred Shorthorn. We can only farm ourselves out of the current crisis and we can only succeed with the help of consumers. By choosing Blue Grey you are supporting the rural heritage of the border uplands and beyond and you are also supporting the existence of the rarest commercially farmed breed of cattle in the UK, the Whitebred Shorthorn.

The Blue Grey and Whitebred Shorthorn have both suffered from a waning identity in the wider public consciousness. With your help we can redress the balance.

Learn more about rare breeds - go to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust website. 

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